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GO PLAY OLYMPICS! starts today

In order to promote sports among youngsters and help them to develop exercise habit, we will expand our service to primary schools in Hong Kong by launching the 3-year “Go Play Olympics” programme in September 2018, which is sponsored by Lee Hysan Foundation and the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation. The programme aims to have 30 beneficiary primary schools in the following 3 years. 


-To develop students’ (Primary 3 to 5 students) interest in sports.
-To provide sports training opportunities, explore students’ interest in sports and identify their athletic potential.
-To help develop students’ exercise habit through fitness game.
-To educate them the three major Olympic values—friendship, respect and excellence.
-To strengthen the coordination among coaches, principle and PE teachers.
-To provide career opportunities and training for the retiring or retired athletes, to pass on their expertise.
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Promoting Physical Fitness: Sports for Hope Talent Search Fundraising Day

Hosted on 25 and 26 November at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai, the Sports for Hope Talent Search Fundraising Day proved to be a huge success in promoting physical fitness to the public.

On the first day, Sports Legacy Scheme's coaching team served more than 250 primary school students in the Talent Search Programme, which included six different physical fitness tests, and used it to scout potential student-athletes. Based on the result, the students were introduced to the NSA Sports Station to enjoy free sports trial.

Fitness Challenge and Team Challenge were held on the second day. 14 corporate teams, ten school teams and a team from Construction Industry Council had been invited to compete with each other. The teams wowed the crowds with their impressive performance.

Sports Legacy Scheme believes that regular fitness training is good for health and sports-specific development. We hope to encourage participants to engage in regular exercises to improve their fitness.

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Strategic Partner and Sponsor

The SF&OC Sports Legacy Company Limited registered at 17 November 2015 and confirmed the charitable institution status for having the exempt from tax under Section 88 of Inland Revenue Ordinance. The Sports Legacy Scheme 2015-2018 was transferred from Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China to SF&OC Sports Legacy Company Limited with effective on 1 September 2016.